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Owner and CEO of Quality Cage
06 December 2021
Where were you on December 31, 1999?

Back home in Boise, ID. I was 10 at the time wondering why all the adults are going crazy over nothing. That was the first end of the world that I survived.

Supply chain issues are making it very difficult for you to find what?

The very few components we source from china such as ball-bearings were a disaster in Q2 and Q3 this year. Sheet metal was also a huge burden in cost and availability. Luckily some USA plants have started kicking butt and prices have dropped a bit. If anyone makes welded wire mesh please call me. We are looking to start making it in-house next year if we can’t get a solid consistent supplier.

If you could be the greatest athlete of all time in any sport, which would it be?

Wrestling. I was a 1x high school state champ in folkstyle, 3x in Freestyle, and 4x in Greco Roman. Placed 10th in the nation my junior year in Greco Roman. Being an Olympian was always my goal since I started wrestling. Unfortunately, some injuries took me on another path, but the sport forged me into the best me that I would ever become.

What's on the agenda for Friday night?

Sometimes I’ll go have a beer with some friends in tech or from Twitter (follow me @amagijosh). Sometimes I work on some marketing or attempt to learn to program. The best times are just watching a movie or some anime show with my girlfriend.

One thing you love about Quality Cage's market sector?

I’ve been in the pet cage manufacturing business for 7 years and I’m always learning about something new in the animal world. One day I’m talking with a person who has 17 pet chinchillas, the next I’m talking to a zookeeper about building an exercise wheel for an armadillo, or an animal researcher at universities who are studying the African spiny mouse on its ability to regenerate flesh and skin at an astounding rate and trying to replicate that ability into human medicine.

Any bold predictions for 2022?

No predictions really. I’m just looking forward to start working more in our zoo market, I really want to help some zoos do better and more awesome things for animals and their communities. Were also going to launch into a bunch of new pet categories on The 10-year-old in me is excited about what is happening in space exploration! Starship’s First launch, the James Webb Telescope launch, and the first Artemis mission launch, all in Q1 of 2022 is absolutely mind-boggling to me. The future is exciting.


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