Member Spotlight


12 June 2023
1. What is Firefly Aerospace’s mission and purpose?

Firefly Aerospace is on a mission to enable our world to launch, land, and operate in space – anywhere, anytime. In other words, we are making space attainable for everyone with our end-to-end space transportation services and our passionate, hardworking team. Our purpose as a company is to ultimately unlock space for humanity – in a way only Fireflies can by innovating with relentless courage.

2. Where did the company get started and how long has it been in Central Texas?

Firefly Aerospace was formed in 2017 and established its roots just north of Austin, Texas, which allowed us to set up our 200-acre launch vehicle production and test site (a.k.a. our Rocket Ranch) in Briggs, Texas, just 30 minutes from our headquarters in Cedar Park, Texas. We’ve since evolved into more than just a launch provider with end-to-end space transportation services with awarded missions including orbit around the Earth , landing on the Moon and beyond.

3. What are you most excited about right now?

Following our successful orbital launch in 2022, Firefly’s momentum is at an all-time high as we execute major milestones across our launch, in-space, and lunar delivery programs.

  • Alpha production: Firefly is ramping up Alpha production to achieve multiple launches, including a responsive space mission awarded by the U.S. Space Force and NASA-awarded mission under their VCLS program. We’ll get into a cadence where we’re launching about every two months.
  • MLV co-development: Firefly is co-developing a new medium launch vehicle in collaboration with Northrop Grumman. With the first launch scheduled for 2025, this new vehicle will help fill a void in the medium class market by providing a reliable, responsive, and affordable launch option for government and commercial customers. The team is already making great progress with MLV hardware and testing underway for our engines, propellant tanks, and more.
  • SUV demonstration: Firefly is also preparing our Space Utility Vehicle (SUV) for an upcoming demonstration mission that will be launched by Alpha. SUV will allow us to transfer payloads to higher orbits post-launch, provide space domain awareness, and perform re-fueling missions and end of life de-orbiting. Our fleet of Space Utility Vehicles will evolve to service the entire lifecycle of our customers’ satellites and spacecraft. * Blue Ghost development: Firefly is working on final assembly of our Blue Ghost lunar lander at our spacecraft facilities in north Austin in preparation for our first mission to the Moon, which will deliver 13 government and commercial payloads to the lunar surface in 2024, including 10 NASA-sponsored payloads as part of the Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) initiative. Firefly is concurrently ramping up for Blue Ghost Mission 2 following our most recent $112M NASA CLPS contact to deliver three NASA-sponsored payloads to lunar orbit and the far side of the Moon in 2026.
4. What are some of the biggest challenges you’re facing?

The current market is challenging for the entire space industry. Despite these challenges, Firefly continues to win major contracts and successfully raise capital. The progress of our Series C capital raise in this market and the opportunity to include new investors at a valuation higher than the previous round is a testament to Firefly’s major accomplishments over the last year. Our momentum will continue into this year as we execute major milestones across our launch, in-space, and lunar delivery programs.

5. How do you celebrate successes?

True to our Texas roots, we celebrate our big wins as a team with good food, good music (karaoke included), and good company – and swag. This team wears their Firefly brand loud and proud! We also think it’s important to celebrate our extended Firefly families who support our hardworking team. Firefly recently hosted a bring your kids to work day at our Texas Rocket Ranch, working together to develop and launch Alpha model rockets and encourage our future Fireflies to reach for the stars.

6. Do you do any fun team-building activities or events?

Giving back to humanity is part of Firefly’s DNA. The team is passionate about inspiring the next generation and showing the world that anyone can accomplish “out of this world” success. The team frequently volunteers within central Texas communities, working with local schools, universities, and STEM programs to inspire students to dream big and become part of our nation’s successful trajectory into space.


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