Member Spotlight


Dean of Applied Technology for Austin Community College
22 November 2021
1. What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

The desserts, of course!

2. What is the tool you use the most in your garage?

Besides the lawn and garden stuff, definitely my Miller Multimatic 200 multiprocess welding machine.

3. If you had to Karaoke at an ARMA luncheon, what would you sing?

Yikes! I might run off all of your members. How about Sinatra’s version of Jingle Bells to get everyone ready for the holidays coming up.

4. What has been the biggest surprise for you in 2021?

UT football being so bad, and the Dallas Cowboys being so good. Aside from sports, SNOVID, and its recovery.

5. Tell us something most manufacturers don't know about ACC.

ACC opened on September 17, 1973, with one campus serving 1,726 students. Over the past 40 years, ACC has grown to become one of the largest colleges and universities in the nation, with 11 campuses serving an area the size of Connecticut. Today, nearly 76,000 students choose ACC annually. Recently, ACC’s Board of Trustees approved our third bachelor’s degree program in Manufacturing Engineering Technology!

6. What are you grateful for?

So much to be grateful for - first, my wife and family, followed by my work family. I am fortunate to work with some exceptionally talented people who genuinely care about what they do!


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