Member Spotlight


10 October 2022
1. What is your favorite thing about Texas?

Texas has a history going back more than 10,500BC – no telling how many people were living and exploring across the Texas landscape. My wife, Laura, and I are fascinated by the varied terrain and the hidden treasures than can be found in places like the Witte Museum’s White Shaman Preserve in the Lower Pecos Canyonlands or the Chinati Mountain region.

2. When you’re not working, where do you like to spend your time?

Variety best explains. You may find Laura and me working in our garden or snooping through junk stores in Sonora to see what trinkets of history we stumble upon. One weekend you may find us in Abilene or Galveston Bay sail boating. Just try to catch up to us.

3. What is one gadget you wouldn't want to live without? (phones don't count)

This is a tough question. Which is more important…. Our can opener, corkscrew, or a cigar cutter?

4. What’s an interesting fact about your business most people don’t know?

We are a job shop making precision machined parts. So, we are used to our parts ending up in cool places. But every day I’m awed when I see what our team produces turned into things like 3-D printed rockets going to space, surgical robots savings lives, tools harvesting bone marrow for transplanting, assembly line work holding and EOAT applications allowing our manufacturing customers to be more effective, and even a biometric handgun that keeps children from inadvertently operating a firearm. Just slap me.

5. What excites you about working in manufacturing?

Manufacturing indoors is my 3rd career. I retired from a one of these careers manufacturing outdoors with KPMG helping companies get their construction projects out of ditch. I thought working the Palm Jumeriah, Yas Island Ferrari Race Track, or the UAE Barakah Nuclear Power Plant were the pinnacle of a challenge. Today, manufacturing in Texas is a real challenge that is exciting to see results when there are many cards dealt against our industry. The reward of investing in our people to grow their skill stacks and building an organization getting ready to scale – while wondering if the supply chain holds up and power is available – is breathtaking and more fun than frustrating.

6. What's one big thing you want to accomplish before the end of the year?

At PDS+CNC Machining, we continue to execute on our strategy and initiatives. Before this year concludes we will have exceeded plan. Our team desires to continue more wins and helping our customers deliver on their brand promise. Each delivery is an accomplishment we cherish.


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