Member Spotlight


31 January 2022
1. It's 2022, how come we don't have a robot that can fold laundry?

Challenge accepted! Sadly, after busy work weeks there are several things that I like to do that require no thought or decision-making – folding laundry, mowing the lawn and painting

2. What is one gadget you wouldn't want to live without (phone's don't count)?

Without a doubt – my coffee maker!

3. What's on the calendar for Saturday night?

My wife and I are empty nesters, so it is pretty relaxed and not usually planned. Typically we’ll head to a food truck, brewery, happy hour or restaurant and enjoy good food and a beverage.

4. If you could have any toy that would fit in your garage, what would it be?

I’m excited about and thinking my next purchase might be the ID Buzz electric van from VW. A little throw back to growing up on the coast in Sydney, Australia.

5. We've all had challenges with how COVID has changed operations. Do you see any positives in the way work gets done now?

So many challenges. For me, it was very positive to see the Flex team understand the new safety requirements and processes, implement new layouts to improve social / physical distancing, modify shift start, break and lunch times to minimize bottlenecks and social distancing challenges. The team reacted quickly to maintain their safety, and minimized any impact to our customers and the business. We have a better understanding of how much we can achieve despite obstacles, and improved creativity in our problem solving.

6. What is the most fun project you've worked on in your career at Flex?

Unfortunately many of our customers and projects require Non-Disclosure Agreements so I cannot share details. For me, what has been enjoyable is the mix of industries and products we have built while I have been at Flex. Server and Storage equipment, personal computers, a baby monitor, refrigerators, 5G and Satellite communications equipment, Automotive and medical device manufacturing.


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