Member Spotlight


06 February 2023
1. What was your favorite TV show as a kid?


2. Who was a sports figure you admired growing up?

Nolan Ryan

3. How long have you been in Central Texas?

45 years, born and raised.

4. What advice would you offer to someone considering buying a business?

Have a great attorney and banker. They are priceless.

5. What's the toughest product you've ever had to design packaging for?

A 500 lb. loaded server rack that the customer requested to ship laying face down and we were only able to use corrugated and foam material to cover and support the product. It also had to pass rigorous ISTA testing requirements.

6. Regarding 2023, should we expect a recession or growth?

Well, let me shake my crystal ball, lol. This question is difficult to answer because some industries are currently thriving while others are slow. I would expect on average, sales will be slightly down over the next few months but hope they would pick up by late spring. Austin is somewhat recession proof at the moment since we have so many new companies coming to town. It’s a great time to be in Austin, TX!


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