Member Spotlight


02 May 2022
1. What was the first album/ cassette/ CD that you bought?


2. When did you move to Central Texas?

I moved here from California in 1993.

3. What's one thing from your home garage you would bring to an ARMA show and tell?

I would say the last motorcycle I built for myself, I hand-shaped all the sheet metal and fabricated just about everything I could on it.

4. What are you doing this Saturday afternoon?

Taking my son to a “touch a truck” event where they have dump trucks, tractors, and a bunch of other large equipment for the kids to climb on. He’s 3 yrs old so he’s obsessed with big trucks!

5. How do you spot a good weld?

This is a hard one to answer because of the variables involved but in short, I initially look for a weld that is uniform in size and does not have undercut.

6. What is something you are excited about that will happen in May?

We recently were fortunate to get some land, so we are looking forward to starting the process of clearing it for our future home. It will be a lot of work (hopefully some fun along the way) but worth it in the end.


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