Member Spotlight


17 January 2022
1. What was the first concert you attended?

The first concert I ever attended was the Texas Jam in 1978 in the Cotton Bowl. I saw Van Halen, Eddie Money, Aerosmith, Heart, Journey plus a couple of other bands. It was an all-day event and it started me on a path of live music appreciation.

2. Which would you rather do: Hit a home run in a World Series or catch a touchdown pass in a Superbowl?

I would rather catch a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl because I feel it would be more meaningful in the outcome of the game.

3. What is one product you would liek to see on your production floor?

I would like to see more products related to space, helping the efforts to explore beyond our current planet.

4. If you didn't live in Central Texas, where would you be?

I would be in South Texas somewhere. I like the warmer weather and as mild a winter as I can get.

5. When will supply chain issues start to ease?

I was hoping this year 2022, however, if it does happen in 2022 we at VirTex are thinking Q4 2022 or sometime in Q1 2023 before we see some relief from these long lead times.

6. What is one thing you're excited about in 2022?

The one thing I am excited about in 2022 is moving into the new VirTex building in North Austin.


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