Member Spotlight


27 June 2022
1. If you got the chance to do a set of cover tunes at an ARMA luncheon, what would be your opener and your closer?

First of all, asking a music person a question like this is just cruel. I’ve agonized over how to answer this for days. Second, having any band that I perform in play anything called a ‘luncheon’ is a terrible idea. Thirdly, I’m editing your question as for any true rock set, there are 2 closers, the end of the set and the end of the encore.

Opener: Thunderstruck – by AC/DC Closer: Three Days – by Jane’s Addiction Encore Closer: Try Honesty – by Billy Talent

2. When is the chip shortage going to end?

In a long time. The issues causing the shortages continue to compound; global labor shortages, shipping containers stalled at ports, delayed raw materials, and increased utilization of components in everything we need/want. I don’t expect we will see much relief for another 18-24 months.

3. Where did you go on vacation as a kid?

When I was young, I thought America was still powered by water wheels because everywhere we visited as a family had a water wheel. It wasn’t until later in life when my father published the book “Stronger than a Hundred Men: A History of the Vertical Water Wheel” that I realized that my father was using research trips as “vacation”. If it wasn’t a water wheel, it was a historical battle ground, fort, or museum; a happy side effect of having a father who was a history professor.

4. Who is your all-time favorite athlete?

Lifelong Green Bay Packer fan and team owner here. There has never been any player who has brought forth more of a rainbow of emotions in me than Brett Farve.

5. What does Saturday morning sound like in your house?

Utter. Chaos. Father of 2 young children…one crying for mama’s milk and the other yelling “PANCAKES! PANCAKES!” Would not trade it for anything.

6. What's top priority on your to-do list right now?

More capacity. Astute solves people’s chip shortage challenges, and there are plenty of folks having this challenge right now. I’m adding labs globally, adding heads, and creating efficiencies wherever and however I can right now.


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