Member Spotlight


20 December 2021
1. We know you love Texas, but what's one thing you miss about California?

Not much …except more frequent visits with my lifetime friends, my family, and … the weather, especially during the summertime here in Austin.

2. What's the best part about making high-end lighting?

There are two aspects that keep me hooked on lighting and manufacturing high-end lighting fixtures. First, my team and I have lit some very unique as well as historically significant projects. For example, my team and I have lit everything from Dorothy’s original Ruby Red Slippers, to Indian Artifacts in the Smithsonian and several presidential libraries, and to the last remaining pieces of the foundation of the World Trade Center. To this day, developing a custom fixtures for the lighting of the 9/11 museum is an special honor. Second, I really enjoy the feel and magic that good lighting brings to a space. I satisfy and marry my “nuts and bolts” tinkering interests with the creative outlet of putting “icing on the cake” to an architectural space.

3. If you could get tickets to one entertainment event, what would it be?

Formula 1 in Monaco; but Formula 1 in Austin is a close second.

4. Where is your favorite work trip?

My favorite work trips have been to Paris to meet with some luxury retail brands.

5. What's one thing you've learned running your business?

God is great, beer is good and people are crazy. But truly, God is great because starting a business from humble beginnings and being responsible for the employment and well-being of families requires faith in God and perseverance. And… the occasional beer helps when things (or people) get crazy.

6. Are you going to get what you want for Christmas?

No, my wife says college tuitions before the Ferrari.


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