Member Spotlight


28 April 2022
1. Who is your childhood hero?

Growing up, I was always a fan of Spider-Man. Throughout most of his story, he was able to keep his childhood and be a superhero - it was the perfect double life. Also, the comics and movies show that how he’s still a kid when he makes mistakes. He’s an imperfect, flawed character that I could always relate to (except for the ability to shoot webs from my wrists).

2. Top 3 songs for Sunday morning?

I’ll usually put on a playlist depending on how I’m feeling, but it’s usually either county, pop, or some early 2000s throwback. Spotify does a great job with its playlists.

3. What's your favorite thing about Texas?

Southern hospitality! It’s something I take for granted sometimes, but I sure miss it when I’m traveling somewhere else.

4. Who is one person you hope to meet in 2022?

I would love to meet one of the new celebrities that live in Austin, whether it’s Matthew McConaughey, Joe Rogan, or anyone else. Dak Prescott would be pretty cool too!

5. What excites you about working in manufacturing?

Manufacturing is constantly changing and evolving, which is challenging but exciting at the same time. It keeps everyone on their toes to develop the latest technology or program that increases efficiency. At Platron, we are constantly looking at innovative ways to increase production. It’s exciting that my job allows me to be on the ground of implementing these programs, it’s an adrenaline rush when we have a solution that involves multiple moving parts.

6. What is one gadget you wouldn't want to live without (phones don't count)?

I grew up around technology, so I would need a laptop/computer or something that allows me to watch my shows.


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