Member Spotlight


18 July 2022
1. Growing up, what was your favorite TV show?

Without hesitation, it’s MacGyver! The main character demonstrated ingenuity, problem-solving, and creativity. This inspired me to get my engineering degree and it’s traits I’ve carried throughout my life.

2. What was your first job in Austin?

I moved to Austin in 2015 and at the time I was working for Rockwell Automation leading a global services business unit. I don’t consider that my first Austin job though since I was working remotely. Soon after my move, I caught the Austin startup bug and decided to start my own company, Volt480, providing on-demand skilled services to manufacturers. In the process, I was introduced to ARMA, local manufacturers and various startups.

3. Where is your spot to be on Saturday evening?

I can’t say I have one spot. I enjoy the variety that the Austin area offers from new eclectic restaurants to some the old time staples. Ultimately, the best spot is where I have friends and family near by.

4. What is a business trend you find fascinating?

There’s three trends I find really fascinating. The “as-a-service” business model is permeating traditional businesses including manufacturing. It’s allowing smaller businesses to implement capital equipment such as robotics that previously were inaccessible.

5. If this summer had a theme song, what would it be?

Given the over 100 degree weather we’ve been having for the past month, “Hot Blooded” by Foreigner comes to mind.

6. What's one big thing you want to accomplish before October?

On a personal level, I’m working on my Spanish using Duo Lingo and want to get to a point where I can have a basic conversation in Spanish.


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