Meet and hear from leaders in Central Texas Manufacturing as we discuss issues relevant to the region on the Manufacturing Austin Podcast. Special thank you to our sponsor, Texas Mutual.

MFG Austin Ep 16: Larry Smith, Chairman of Tokyo Electron US

Chairman for Tokyo Electron US, Larry Smith, on Semiconductors, CHIPS, and Veterans

MFG Austin Ep 15: Nate Horvath, CEO of Staccato

MFG Austin: Horvath is CEO of Staccato, a high-end pistol manufacturer serving law enforcement and competition shooters as well as aficionados.

MFG Austin Ep 14: Beth San Segundo, CEO of Origen Biomedical

Beth San Segundo is the CEO of OriGen Biomedical, a leading producer of cryopreservation, cell culture, and respiratory products that support the treatment of respiratory distress, cancer, genetic conditions, and other life-threatening diseases. Under Beth’s leadership, the company has thrived and sustained rapid growth. In this episode, we get her thoughts on what it’s like to make products that are critical to healthcare, the current operating conditions impacting her business locally and globally, as well as what the future might hold for Origen and the regional medical device ecosystem, which in conjunction with the biopharmaceutical industry currently makes over a billion dollars in products every year.

MFG Austin Ep 13: Scott Lingren, Managing Director, Schunk Xycarb

Scott Lingren has a long technological legacy, including the past 15 years in semiconductors. He is the Managing Director for Schunk Xycarb, a leading supplier of quartz, graphite, and advanced ceramics. He is at the forefront of the global semiconductor supply chain and the forces pushing for more regionalization. In this episode, he discusses his thoughts on what we can expect globally and locally as well as his philosophy on being a growth catalyst.

MFG Austin Ep 12: Robb Misso, Global VP of Operations for Cellink

Robb Misso is Global Vice President of Operations for Cellink, the former CEO of Dynamic Manufacturing, and a founding board member of ARMA.

MFG Austin Ep. 11 Nathan Byman, CEO of Wolfram Manufacturing

Nathan Byman is the founder of Wolfram Manufacturing, a company based in Austin that is not your typical machine shop. While they do make an array of fabricated and machined parts for customers, through their deployment of technology and advanced techniques, they have also developed a consulting practice around automation and deep tech. Nathan shares his insights about the intersection of old-school manufacturing and new innovations that are driving change in subtractive manufacturing. He holds an engineering degree from the University of Texas and an MBA from Rice. Wolfram Manufacturing was founded in 2011 and employs about 20 people.

MFG Austin Ep 10: Rick Loofs, COO at Cangshan Cutlery

Rick Loofs was most recently General Manager for NOV in Cedar Park. Still, he took the opportunity to lead the development of Cangshan Cutlery's new Leander-based manufacturing and distribution facilities for North America. Cangshan makes culinary knives found everywhere from Costco to William Sonoma and now they will be made in Leander, Texas after a new investment of $150M. Our discussion focuses on the size and scope of this new plant and, Rick's dedication to servant leadership, helping people achieve their best life, and how this approach changes how he builds teams and gets results for the organization.

MFG Austin Ep. 9 with Bryan Kranik, CEO of Buildasign

Bryan Kranik took over leadership at Buildasign in 2017. He's successfully guided the company through acquisition and COVID all while maintaining the company's momentum and development. In this episode, we get his thoughts on managing growth, trends in e-commerce, and the challenge of attracting talent.

MFG Podcast Ep. 8 with Russell Aldridge, founder and CEO of SISU Robotics

In this conversation, Russell Aldridge, founder and CEO of SISU Robotics, shares how his company got started and found a niche making easy-to-use robots for cinematography and other industrial applications. We touch on several topics including managing growth, the future of automation, and why in 2021 there still are no robots that can fold laundry.

MFG Podcast Ep7 with John Anderson of ATX Specialty Foods

In this episode of MFG Austin, Anderson shares his thoughts on copacking and the state of food and beverage manufacturing in Austin...

MFG Podcast Ep6 with Mark Pollard CEO of Astute

In this episode of MFG Austin, Pollard shares his thoughts on supply chain shortages, tips on buying smart during a shortage, global trade...

MFG Podcast Ep5 with Yotta Energy's CEO Omeed Badkoobeh

In this episode of MFG Austin, Badkoobeh shares his thoughts on solar energy and storage, the challenges of building a start up and future energy...

MFG Podcast Ep4 with East/West Manufacturing President and CEO Andy Salo

In this episode of MFG Austin, Salo shares his thoughts on manufacturing, growth and the importance of customer and employee relationships...

MFG Podcast Ep3 with Marsha Osborn of Alen Corporation

Marsha Osborn is the Chief Operating Officer at Alen Corporation, manufacturer of air purifiers and filters. In this episode of MFG Austin, Osborn shares how she joined a new company...

MFG Podcast Ep2 with Randy Myers, Sr. VP of Global Manufacturing & Quality with Luminex

Randy Myers is senior vice president with Luminex, a manufacturer and developer of biological technologies in support of the life science industries...

MFG Podcast Ep1 with Troy Mills, VP with Applied Materials

Troy Mills of Applied Materials on how the pandemic affected supply chains and how Applied Materials responded and how it affected local manufacturers in Austin...


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